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I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

Recorded by:      
Sheb Wooley The Sons Of Mitch's 1997 Channel/Cordial
Dick Feller Centaur Of Attention 2001 Cyberphonic
Fantastic Shakers Greatest Beach & Shag Music 2001 F.S.
Kendall Morse
Dale Pridgeon I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore 2002 Ucalldatmusic
Alex Withmore 2006
Keit Haugen CD single 2008

I stepped out of the shower and I got a good look at myself
Pot bellied, bald-headed, I thought I was somebody else
I caught my reflection in the mirror of the bathroom door
I just don't look good naked anymore!

So... I'm goin upstairs and turn my bedroom mirror to the wall
I hung it there back when I was trim and tall
I'd stand there and smile and flex and strut until my arms go sore
But I just don't look good naked anymore!

I Used to go out with the girls, I love them one and all
Now they don't get very close to me, afraid that I might fall

I went to see my doctor for my annual medical exam
Standin' there in the buff when suddenly he said, "Man!"
I said, "What is it Doc? Some fatal disease? I need to know the score!"
He said, "No, you just don't look good naked anymore!"

Me and Mona had a dancin' style, the folks said it was unique
Now it's only when wer're back to back, we're dancin' cheek to cheek

I went down to a nude beach for some seaside fun
Stetched out nin my birthday suit soakin' up the sun
Somebody yelled, "There's an old white whale washed up on shore!"
(Sure) I just don't look good naked anymore!

Words and music: Dick Feller & Sheb Wooley
Channel Music Co. / Cordial Music Company