Children In Their Wishes,
Ladies In Their Dreams

This album was recorded for Asylum Records in 1977. Unfortunately, the record company decided not to release it. A rumor says that it was released in Australia, but that is probably untrue. If any copies were made at all, the recording artist did never get to see any of them himself.

Ten of the songs for this album were recorded in studio, along with a band. Two songs were recorded live. One of them, "Play Me A Shin-Kickin' Song", was written by Bobby Braddock. Of all the songs that Dick Feller has recorded, this is probably the only one that he has not written himself.

Songs recorded in studio:
Children In Their Wishes, Ladies In Their Dreams
The Coin Machine
Good For Him
Bayou Blue
Go Now
Full Moon In New York City
Who Do You Do What To In Your Dreams
Last Train
(I Love You) What Can I Say
Jocko And The Trapeze Lady

Songs recorded live:
Play Me A Shin-Kickin' Song