Pictures from Lake Ida, Athens in Alabama, on the 26th of August 2004:
To the left: "The Three Chord Heroes" on stage along with host Jim Parker (to the right). Mr. Feller is playing his guitar to the left. 


Below: Feller performing at the same venue. Jimmy Payne observing to the right. 


All pictures from Lake Ida taken by Samir Darji.

"Biff" lovers, look here!
Lovers of "Biff, The Friendly Purple Bear" will probably enjoy this. It might take some time to
download, but should be worth it. :-)

Centaur Of Attention
Don't forget to purchase a copy of the CD that Dick Feller released in February of 2001?
It is entitled "Centaur Of Attention", and includes 15 of Dick's funniest songs ever, as "Lord, Mr. Ford", "The Coin Machine", "Makin' The Best of A Bad Situation", among many others. All of them recently recorded by Dick solo with his guitar. As a bonus, we are also given his very much requested narrative song, "Biff, The Friendly Purple Bear".

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