Some curiosities...


Did you know?

... that Dick Feller's songs can be heard in many other languages than only in English? "Room For A Boy" has been translated into Swedish and recorded by Alf Robertson. Norwegian artist Øystein Sunde made a hit with a Norwegian version of "Lord, Mr. Ford", and Jonny Hill's "Mal bist du traurig, mal bist du froh" is a German version of Feller's "Some Days Are Diamonds". "Jotkut päivät on kultaa" is the title of the Finnish version of the same song, recorded in 1987 by Finnish group Fred Marx Engels & Jung. The beforementioned Robertson also wrote and recorded a Swedish version of "Some Days Are Diamonds". And not to forget, Jan Vycítal has written Czech versions of "Lord, Mr. Ford" and "Any Old Wind That Blows", both of them have been recorded. In Holland, Henk Wijngaard has recorded a version of "Lord, Mr. Ford" with Dutch lyric!

... that Feller once appeared at a protest song arrangement? In Central Park in New York City there was a "Celebration For The End Of The War", and all the old protest people were there, like Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger and others. All of them were singing their political protest songs. Then Dick’s turn came, and he told the audience that he wasn’t really into political protest songs. According to himself, he told them that he was more into consumer affairs.... - "So I did one of my consumer affairs protest songs there".

... that he has French ancestry and claim to being a descendant of the classic French pirate, Jean Laffite?

... that he in younger years gave guitar lessons in Pittsburg Kansas?

... that he and Jerry Reed co-wrote some of their songs over the phone? While at a listening party for Reed's album "Dixie Dreams" Feller told a journalist, "Yeah, most songwriters put their songs down on paper, but Jerry and I prefer to write them on the phone."

... that he has read everything he could read by John Steinbech? He wanted to copy Steinbeck’s writing style, to be something different from other song writers.

... that Dick Feller once was touring band leader for Warner Mack? In the very early 70s, and only those two were touring, as Warner Mack used local bands as back-up on stage. Which means that he had a new band almost every day. Dick Feller was his conductor, leaded and instructed the local bands. 

... that Feller's most recorded song is "Some Days Are Diamonds"? More than 20 different artists/groups have chosen to record this tune.