The Three Chord Heroes - A presentation

Seen the name "The Three Chord Heroes" and wonder who they are?
Dick Feller, Don Wayne, Jimmy Payne and Danny Dill have often appeared together on stage. They are all song-writers, and they have all sure written some fine hits.

The Three Chord Heroes. From the left to the right: Dick Feller, Don Wayne, Jimmy Payne, Danny Dill. Picture taken by Gayle Gilford Feller, in Nashville in the summer of 2000.- We have been playing on stage together and had a lot of fun. We'll sing the songs that people know us for, but don't know us, Dick Feller says. The idea is to let the writers sing their own hits in their own original styles. - Many people have never heard the writer do the hit. I have never heard Don Wayne do "Country Bumpkin" before, Feller claims.
He and the three other Heroes will continue playing on stage together.

The hits
Dick Feller is known for songs as "East Bound And Down", "Lord, Mr. Ford", "Some Days Are Diamonds", "The Credit Card Song" and "Any Old Wind That Blows". Don Wayne wrote "Country Bumpkin", "Saginaw Michigan", "She Talked A Lot About Texas, "Belles of Southern Bell" and "What In Her World Did I Do", while Jimmy Payne is the writer of hits like "Woman, Woman", "The Weight Of My Chains", "The Dream Stealers", "My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You" and "Don't Say Love". Danny Dill wrote "Detroit City", "Long Black Veil", "The Desire To Retire", "Let Me Talk To You" and "How Much I Must Have Loved You", among others.

Three chords and the truth
Dick Feller explains the name, "The Three Chord Heroes":
- Harlan Howard said that country music is three chords and the truth. So we hope that we at least have the three chords and maybe some truth. I know there are four of us, and we're three chord heroes, but two of us know the same chord!

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(Published February 23, 2002)