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Texas Katey

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Dick Feller Some Days Are Diamonds 1975 Asylum

She was lovely Texas Katey
A dance hall lady in another time
Now she's crazy old Texas Katey
Lookin' back at eighty - half out of her mind

She comes to the park on the sunny days
She likes to feed the pigeons and watch the children play
And the winds blow her memories all thru her silver hair
And sometimes she talks to someone who's never there
Just a ghost - from the good ol'days
So far away - are the good ol' days


She feeds peanuts to the pigeons scratchin' in the leaves
And stories to the children - that they never quite believe
And in an ancient voice she sings a rinky-tinky-rhyme
To a tune that fades like yesterday in the shadows of her mind
Another ghost - from the good ol' days
So far away - are the good ol' days


Sometimes the sun warms a dream from her mind 
And she slips away to another place in time
-She's back in the Crystal Palace
-While that rich oil man from Dallas
Watches as she whirls across the floor
And he whispers to her "Kate - come away"
But she never heard a word he had to say
She only heard them cry for more
-So she turned and danced away across the floor

Dance - Lovely Katey
Twirl and glide 'cross the floor
We're Drifters and Drovers and Nickel-Beer Loafers
Hardtime-Rawhiders and Rodeo Riders
Good whores and Hustlers and Who-Knows-What-Rustlers
Slow Hobo-Ramblers and Fast-Tin-Horn-Gamblers
And we came to see you dance
So Katey - please dance - once more

Then someone shakes her arm and fifty years have passed
And thru her tear-filled eyes she hears the children laugh
At some wrinkled tired old lady - who is dancing in the park
Oh Texas Katey - all your good ol' days
Just may as well be shadow pictures
That you made in the dark


Repeat chorus

Texas Katey - you were fine

Words and music: Dick Feller  Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing