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Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)

This beautiful tune was created by Dick Feller in fifteen minutes on the piano, an instrument he doesn't even play (according to himself!).

The song was first released by Dick Feller himself, on his 1975 album with the same title. Some years later Bobby Bare made a nice cover version of it, and in 1981 John Denver made a huge hit with the same song. Denver’s recording of it has played over 1,000,000 times in broadcast play in the USA alone. The song appears on a large number of John Denver compilations.

Country singer Jonny Hill later recorded a German version of "Some Days Are Diamonds". In Germany the song was entitled "Mal bist du traurig, mal bist du froh". German lyric was written by Fred Fonda and Peter Greif. Finnish group Freud Marx Engels & Jung recorded a version called "Jotkut päivät on kultaa". The Finnish lyricist's name is Pekka Myllykoski. Also Swedish country singer Alf Robertson wrote a version in his own language, "Vindarna växlar".

During the years, many friends have told Feller how the lyric to this song has helped them through their own "Stone" days.

Recorded by:      
Dick Feller Some Days Are Diamonds 1975 Asylum
Bobby Bare Down And Dirty 1980 Columbia
John Denver Some Days Are Diamonds 1981 RCA
The Gospel Keynotes Sweet Revival 1981 Nashboro
Julie Andrews Some Days Are Diamonds 1982 Bainbridge
Dick Feller Audiograph Alive 1982 Audiograph
Jim Whittington Some Days Are Diamonds 1983 Daybreak
Tulsa An Hour Of Tulsa 1987
Freud Marx Engels & Jung Helmet hitit & hutit 1987
Studio Musicians Rocky Mountain High * 1997 Delta
John Hogan Loving You 1996 Ritz
Jonny Hill Meine Lieder 1998 Kilom 330
Paul McCloud Love And Life Palomino
Trevor Knight The Heart Of The Country
New Lost City Ramblers
Alf Robertson Emily's Foto 1982 Marianne
Stephen Bunz
Matz Bladhs Leende Dansmusik  1984 Frituna
Mark Easley Best of Mark Easley 2004 GoldHat Music
Tony Best
Crawford Bell
Vince Clayton
The Cliffsons
Sydney Devine
Yellow Rose Band
Eric Hopkins
Roy Royston On Her Land
The 4 R's Moving On
Michael Tyo

* The song played as an instrumental.

When you ask how I've been here without you
I like to say I've been fine and I do
But we both know the truth is hard to come by
And if I told the truth that's not quite true

Some days are diamonds - some days are stone
Some time the hard times won't leave you alone
Some times the cold wind blows a chill in my bones
Some days are diamonds - some days are stone

Now the face that I see in my mirror
More and more is a stranger to me
More and more I can see there's a danger
In becoming what I never thought I'd be


Words and music: Dick Feller  © Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing