The songs he has written:

Second-Hand Satin Lady

Recorded by:      
Jerry Reed Half & Half  1979  RCA 

Well, I bet we sure look shabby to the pryin' eyes of town,
You in your tattered dungarees, me in my hand me downs.
All they see of you and me are the worn out clothes we wear,
They don't see the rich love that we share.

For a second hand satin lady and a bargain basement boy,
You're my ragged angel, I'm your shabby pride and joy.
In your Salvation Army dress and me in my Goodwill shoes,
Livin' proof that the hard times can be the good times too.

That old drugstore kitchen table, well, it's about to fall right down,
The curtains you made sure fit quite well with that old stuffed chair we found.
That old lumpy bed in the bedroom has the stuffin' showin' through,
But it's heaven when I'm lyin' next to you.


We can see the crack in the ceilin' when we're lyin' here at night,
Dreamin' our dreams together in the glare of the one bare light.
But honey, the dreams we dream do or don't come true,
I'm still gonna be right here to dream with you.
I'll gladly go through the hardest times with you.

Words and music: Dick Feller  Guitar Man Music/Sixteen Stars Music/Horipro Music