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A Room For A Boy - Never Used

Burt Reynolds heard "Biff, The Friendly Purple Bear". He called Dick Feller and asked if he could write him a song similar to "Biff", but with Reynolds’ own idea. Reynolds told Feller about his idea, and then Feller wrote the poem kinda like song, "Room For A Boy – Never Used". The song was first recorded by Reynolds, on his solo album in 1973.

Swedish country singer Alf Robertson translated "A Room For A Boy" into his own language and recorded it. In Sweden the song is known as "Ett rum for en son".

Recorded by:      
Burt Reynolds Ask Me What I Am 1973 Mercury
Ferlin Husky Freckles And Polliwog Days 1974 ABC Records
Dick Feller Some Days Are Diamonds 1975 Asylum
Alf Robertson Ibland är det som en himmel 1978 GMP

There's a house in my mind that's more than a house
Made of dreams in that are more than dreams
And the rooms in that house are carefully filled
With my most loved people and things
But there's one single room at the top of the stairs
With a door untouched and new
It's reserved for the son that I've never had
Now it's a room for a boy - never used

The drapes are done in trains and affection
The walls are in race cars and love
There's a place for a dart board - a football helmet
-A ball a bat and a glove
There's a place just right for a crayon stickman
Just so high here by the door
With model cars hung from the ceiling
And airplane glue on the floor
There's a lonely tree in a big backyard
Just waiting for a new rope swing
And there's a place in the branches for a big tree house
-A place for those secrets and things
Well there's a gang of outlaws seen roamin' the yard
-A lawless reckless band
But a fearless young sheriff with a three-box-tops-badge
Could keep the law well in hand
There's a whole backyard just full of adventure
With pirates and spacemen too
But it's just lying there all wasted and bare
Like that room for a boy - never used

There's a place in my mind where I've laid away times
To be shared with a special someone
And they'll never be shared by anyone else
For they're times for a man and his son
Like when a tail for a kite can be more important
Than that noise I heard in the car
And time for questions like "Where did I come from?"
And "Why can't I touch the stars?"
I've got bedtime stories that I've never told
And songs I've been keeping aside
And one walk in the sand for one boy and one man
And a magic trick never tried
God you've given me more than I've ever deserved
But if I might humbly ask this of you
When you're givin' out sons don't forget I still have
One room - for a boy - never used

Writer: Dick Feller  © Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing