The songs he has written:

The Phantom Of The Opry

Physicist and guitar teacher John Knowles got the idea of this song around 1972. He was carrying the idea with him for a longer time, but could never get the lyrics to his song to work as he wanted. He just wasn't satisfied with them. Then Dick Feller finished the song. He added some lines and re-arranged others. After Feller had finished, Knowles took the song to Jerry Reed, who recorded it just a few days later. This is the only song co-written by Feller and Knowles.

A few years later, Canadian Ronnie Prophet told Dick Feller that he would have liked to record "Phantom Of The Opry", if the song had been a bit longer. Feller then sat down and wrote a couple of extra verses. Prophet went into studio to record it. It was first released in the USA on a 45 rpm record for Cachet Records in 1979, and then included on a Canadian album release two years later. Prophet's recording became a minor hit in Canada.

Recorded by:      
Jerry Reed Rides Again 1977 RCA
Ronnie Prophet The Phantom 1981 Vera Cruz

Words and music: Dick Feller & John C. Knowles
Sixteen Stars Music/Vector Music/Horipro Music