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More Or Less

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Dick Feller Some Days Are Diamonds 1975 Asylum

Downtown late night - waitin' on a walklite
Bathin' in a neon sun
When a high-heeled-short-skirt
Tapped me on my workshirt
Askin' if I needed some fun
I said that's fine - whatcha got in mind
I think I could go it a lot
I said what do you get
She said I don't know yet
But you can bet it's gonna be all ya got

Ain't that just the way it goes
But who knows where it's gone
If mama only knew what I'd get into
She surely would have kept me at home
They're puttin' me off or they're puttin' me on
It's poor to fair at best
But I more or less do my best to get bye
And I get bye more or less

Blue-jean - hippy-queen - sign sayin' New Orleans
Thumbin' on the Shreveport side
I picked her up in the company truck
A-thinkin' she'd like the ride
I said I can see you're a lot like me
We know how times get hard
She said yeah my Cadillac
Quit four miles back
And I've lost my Daddy's credit card


Sittin' on a barstool - feelin' 'bout half cool
Sippin' on the Devil's tea
While over in the corner there's a sweet-tall woman
Tryin' to put the make on me
I eased over to her - said how do ya to her
My you're some kinda fine
I am she said
And my name is Fred
In a voice that was lower than mine


Words and Music: Dick Feller  Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing