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Money, Trouble And Love

Recorded by:      
Dick Feller Some Days Are Diamonds 1975 Asylum
Charlie Red Motherlode Minstrel
Hank Thompson Country Music Hall Of Fame Series 1992 MCA

Now friend I ain't no preacher
And I don't claim to know it all
Don't have me no P.H.D. or shiny crystal ball
But of all the pain and misery
That I've seen in these years of mine
There seems to me to be three things
That were present every time
And I mean:

Money, Trouble and Love go hand in hand it seems 
Too much of one and not enough of another
Can sure be a hell of a thing
Money, Trouble and Love - it's the same ol' story my friend
You're gonna need a little Money to buy you outa Trouble
That Love can get you in

I knew a man named Wee Willie Sloan
He was an ornery gamblin' hide
He had a crap game goin' back in the alley
And he made a little book on the side
Well a high-toned-smooth-skinned-uptown woman
Came along and took Willie's eye
He told her what he had and it was sure too bad
'Cause she was workin' for the F.B.I.

And it was Money, Trouble and Love
That did ol' Willie in
Now he's countin' the stars thru the cold steel bars
And thinkin' back over his sins
Money, Trouble and Love - oh Willie my poor ol' friend
Didn't have enough Money to bail him outa Trouble
That Love had got him in.

I knew an old man name Albert
Was a millionaire I'm told
Like ol' King Midas everything he touched
Just suddenly turned to gold
Well at ninety-three years he married a girl
Twenty-three and not one day more
Next morning they found him with a smile on his face
Lyin' stone dead on the floor.

And it was Money, Trouble and Love that did ol' Albert in
She wanted his Money and he wanted her Love
And it ended up in Trouble for him
Now he's up there knocking on the golden gate
Sayin' oh Saint Peter my friend
Pete there ain't enough Money in the whole damn world
To buy my way back in again.

So listen all you 'rounders
You better keep a little private stash
And don't let your mouth go a-writin' no check
That you don't think your body can cash
And if you've got a little Love or Money
Then you better keep this in mind
You can bet your ass that your old friend Trouble
Can't be too far behind.


You better save your Money to buy you outa Trouble
That Love can get you in

Words and Music: Dick Feller  Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing