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Diesel Gypsy

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Dick Feller Some Days Are Diamonds 1975 Asylum
The Kendalls  - 45 rpm single - 1975  United Artists 

(Well) as far as I know there's no gypsy in my blood
But damn me if it ain't in my soul
I guess that's why this ol' truckdrivin' life
Is the only kind of life I'll ever know
But those times that I'm gone
There's someone at home
A-wishin' I was there I can tell
She says that she loves me and heaven knows she does
But she hates that old truck sure as hell

She calls me her Diesel Gypsy
Her Cowboy Knight of the Road
It's hello and good-bye then off like the wind
And her ol' Diesel Gypsy's gone again

I'm a truck-drivin'-rambler - a highway-semi-gambler
A two-lane-hobo I guess
But she should know that just because
I love the truck so much
That doesn't mean I love her any less
But I'll bet at times she's wished another
Woman was the reason
She finds herself so often alone
For it's hard to compete
with a need that she can't see
Like a truck driver's need for the road

She calls me her ....

She keeps wishin' for a time
When I'll park this rig of mine
And take that factory job from eight to five
But a truck drivin' soul
With no place to go
Would soon be more dead than alive
And if she only knew
How I've had her on my mind
Those times I find me on the road alone
She'd know she's better off to have me gone
A-wishin I was home
Than to have me home a-wishin' I was gone

She calls me her ....

Words and music: Dick Feller  Sony/ATV Songs LLC Tree Publishing