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The Bandit

A song written for and used in the high-score movie, "Smokey And The Bandit". Jerry Reed, who both acted and performed the songs in the movie, asked Dick Feller to bring his guitar to the studio. So Feller brought his guitar the next day, and then Reed used Feller's guitar when recording "The Bandit"!

Recorded by:      
Jerry Reed East Bound And Down 1977 RCA

They call you the bandit
An outlaw untamed
Shackled only by freedom
You wear no man's chain
Some say they despise you
Well maybe they do
But deep down inside them
I bet they wish they were you

Bandit you're reckless
And you live much too hard
Bandit you're the joker
In the deal of the cards
You're a legend to the old man
A hero to the child
Bandit steal a lady's heart
With only your smile

They call you the bandit
They call you the bandit
They call you the bandit
They call you the bandit

Words and music by Dick Feller
Sixteen Stars Music/Vector Music/Horipro Music/Universal Duchess Music Corp.