What other artists have said...

Johnny Cash:
"There's a young writer that we've got here named Dick Feller, who has just recorded for United Artists. He's going to be a big artist. I recorded a song of his, one called "Orphan Of The Road." I think as long as people like him keep coming along, country music's got a great future."
Johnny Cash, quoted in Country Music Magazine, 1973

Jerry Reed:
"Dick Feller is not just a songwriter, he is an experience".
Jerry Reed quoted in a number of different magazines in the 70's.

Dick Feller and Jerry Reed. Picture taken ca. 1980-81.

"Dick Fellerís his name. (...) Always had his gift for grabbing words and put them together. Heís just a super, super songwriter."
Jerry Reed in Ralph Emery Show, 1975.

"And you're also back to doing a bit of songwriting as well?
Reed: Yeah, particularly with Dick Feller. I particularly love writing with him, because he's like a jazz writer in the sense that he can do with words the same thing that a lot of great musicians can do with musical notes; he know how to take a phrase and twist it around and come at you from the left side of the bench. I'm an idea man. I always have a lot of ideas. And we get together and have rap sessions and come up with things, and sound off of each other. Then he goes off and finishes the words, and I hole up in my office here and work on the music."
Quoted from Country Music Magazine, March 1981.